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ARCS Foundation Phoenix ASU Scholar Published in Prestigious Journal of Applied Physics

Posted on Thursday, August 22, 2019

ARCS Phoenix Scholar Stephen Schaefer, the current second-year Douglas Scholar in Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University, had his first first-author publication, "Molecular beam epitaxy and optical properties of InAsSbBi," published in the prestigious Journal of Applied Physics (August 2019, issue 126, page 083101). The paper is part of a Special Topic on Highly Mismatched Semiconductor Alloys: from Atoms to Devices. 

Stephen's work centers on developing new material which function effectively and efficiently as light emitters and defectors. This research has application in such fields as telecommunications, national defense, medical devices, pollution detection and thermal photovoltaics. His paper is the culmination of over three years of work designing, synthesizing, and characterizing semiconductor samples which incorporate the rarely-used element bismuth. His work lays the foundation for designing and fabricating devices made form bismuth-containing semiconductors, including LEDs, lasers and photodetectors. With these materials it is possible to extend the operation of conventional semiconductors to longer infrared wavelengths, potentially replacing the current industry standard materials which often incorporate rare and toxic elements such as tellurium or mercury.

The abstract of the paper can be accessed at the following link to the  Journal of Applied Physics.