Academic Partners

A Word from our Arizona Academic Partners... 

Dr. Michael Crow - President, Arizona State University
"The ARCS Foundation’s steadfast commitment to our graduate students is critical to the achievement of their ambitious educational goals. The ARCS Foundation Award enables students to continue their education and work toward becoming tomorrow’s national leaders in science, engineering, technology and healthcare. We share the Foundation’s vision for a technologically strong and internationally competitive America and appreciate its commitment to translating that vision into action through support for higher education."

Dr. Rita Cheng - President, Northern Arizona University

"Northern Arizona University is grateful for the support provided by ARCS Foundation to our students who are committed to expanding their knowledge and pursuing dynamic research to create a vibrant future.   NAU is focused on strategic investments in science and technology that lead to a successful future for our university and our students.  The financial awards from the ARCS Foundation allow our high-achieving students in our graduate programs to thrive and focus on endeavors that will develop solutions to global challenges, discover their purpose, and realize their potential."








Dr. Robert C. Robbins - President, University of Arizona 

"The ARCS Foundation’s scholar program complements the University of Arizona’s commitment to bringing the best scientific, medical and technical training to the Arizona workforce. The ARCS scholars are the scientific leaders of the future, who will address society’s greatest challenges. We’re proud to partner with the foundation. The funding that ARCS provides gives these young visionaries critical funding in the early to mid stages of their studies and research and allows the scholars to become the best in their fields. The ARCS Scholars go on to successful positions in industry, academia, and medicine. The University of Arizona is grateful for the long-standing and visionary support from the ARCS Foundation Phoenix Chapter."

University Support Through ARCS Scholar Awards

A Phoenix ARCS Scholar Award is a prestigious, unrestricted award of $8,500 per year that provides an essential tool for retaining top students at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona. All scholars must apply through their universities on an annual basis. Since 1977, a total of $6,625,750 has been distributed by ARCS Foundation Phoenix to 1,052 scholars from the three state universities. For a sampling of the annual support that we provide our three universities read more about our 2018-2019 Phoenix Scholars.