Past Events

ARCS Foundation Phoenix hosts gatherings that foster lifelong learning, friendships and fun. During the year, lectures for members and guests cover a wide range of topics in science research. For these meetings, in addition to the guest speakers we invite our scholars to update us on their research.  And they are an impressive group of students who always seem to pique our curiosity. Each year we take a field trip to one of our three Arizona universities to see firsthand the work of our scholars and faculty at either Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, or University of Arizona. We also invite a guest speakers or scholars to our Joint General and Board Meeting luncheons in October, December and May to stimulate our intellect. We have been treated to topics ranging from "The Chemistry of Chocolate Making" to "Neuromodulation" and more. 

Scholar Events

Celebrating our scholars is a strongly shared interest of the Phoenix Chapter.  We invite ARCS members and supporters to our Fall Fundraiser which is a Speaker Series. This year we will feature Dr. David Spetzler, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Caris Life Sciences. We attend scholar dissertation defenses and earnestly try to fully absorb the amazing discoveries our scholars have made. At the annual Scholar Awards Dinner, students present their posters and are provided the opportunity to meet with donors, guests, university faculty and Chapter members. 

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