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What our ARCS Phoenix Scholars Are Saying...

"The ARCS events provided a support network with the members and among the ARCS Scholars at my university.  The ARCS members are a phenomenal group of women who I value for the encouragement and support."

What our ARCS Phoenix Scholars Are Saying...

"One of the biggest impacts was the emotional support and confidence boost that the scholar award provided. As a graduate student it was extremely invigorating to get the award at a critical time in the middle of my dissertation project.  This effect was bolstered by the scholar award ceremony that was attended by so many pro-science members. It was nice to feel like there were outside public people who were actively supporting me."

Louis Lamit - NAU ARCS/Windrow Endowment Scholar

Louis received his B.S. in Biology at the University of Montana and his M.S. in Biology at Northern Arizona University. His research examines the endophytic fungi associated with the bark of cottonwood trees. He is investigating the positive effect that endophytes have on tree growth and documenting rare endophytes species that have not been described. Understanding how these fungi interact with cottonwoods will have important implicatons for agriculture and forestry practices.