ARCS Foundation is a national nonprofit volunteer organization founded in 1958 in Los Angeles and is composed of dedicated members who volunteer their services. Currently, there are 15 ARCS Foundation Chapters nationwide and 1294 volunteer members. Since 1958 our Chapters have awarded $110 million funding 17,874 scholar awards to the best and brightest United States citizen scholars in basic science, engineering and medical research.

Organization of the ARCS Foundation Phoenix began on a beautiful Phoenix afternoon when five intelligent, forward thinking ladies from California came to tea and to tell us about the ARCS Foundation.  We welcomed Ann Miller, Florence Wellborn, Betty Williams, Virginia Ramo and Rosemary Herd.  The concept was received with great enthusiasm and we had 18 founding members. We were chartered in 1975.  We are fortunate that we still enjoy participation of six of our original members.

Following the mantra of Ann Miller “make it fun”, our first fundraising endeavor was our “Glamorous Garage Sale” and it was fun.  Our success was not only financial, but it included a lot of fun, hard work, and a beautiful bonding experience. Today our Chapter still enjoys the friendship, dedication and success that were the foundation of our Chapter's early years.

ARCS Foundation Phoenix, currently with 76 dues paying members, has awarded $7,370,400 in scholar award funds from 1977-2021 to 1,142 scholars. Recipient universities must be approved by the National Board of ARCS Foundation. In Arizona these include our three major state universities: Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona. The universities are required to administer the scholar award program.

Our Phoenix Chapter provides a way in which the business, education, civic and social members of our community may combine their interests and efforts to achieve a strong contribution to our future and to America’s youth through the advancement of scientific education.

ARCS Foundation Phoenix Founders

ARCS Foundation Phoenix Founders