Officers and Directors July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023

2022-2023 Phoenix Officers and Board of Directors


An elected Chapter Board of Directors oversees all phases of ARCS Foundation Phoenix. At monthly board meetings, the work and progress of the committees are discussed. Officers of the Phoenix Board include President, Past President, and in some years, President-Elect, VP Field Trips, VP Fund Development, VP Membership, VP Public Relations, VP University Relations, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer. Committees include Alumni Scholar Relations, Awards Dinner, Donor Relations, Endowment Fund, Fall Event, Historian, Hospitality, Newsletter, Parliamentarian, Printing, and Web Administrator. In addition, there are several Directors at Large who serve on the Phoenix Board.

The fiscal year is July 1 – June 30, with the annual officer installation meeting each May. The year’s largest event is the Scholar Awards Dinner in April, when the scholars for the upcoming year present posters of their work and introduce themselves on stage to the attendees.


President Judy LeMarr
President - Elect   
Vice Presidents  
   Field Trips Andrea Moseley
   Fund Development/Donor Relations Christine Hawes
   Membership Sydney Fox
   Public Relations Sandra Seward
   University Relations: NAU, ASU, UA Jane Lawson, Liz Nofen, Danielle Davis


Recording Secretary Dawn Carson Senger
Corresponding Secretary Ceda Austerman


Assistant Treasurer

Anna Maria Matteucci

Marilyn Hayes

Endowment Fund Chairman Elaine Karcher 
Parliamentarian Patti Tucker
Past President Jill Bray
Website Administrators Sharon Ponce, Paulette Dalke
Alumni Scholar Relations Carol Browner and Alex Shepard
Awards Dinner Patti Tucker, Sydney Fox
Fall Event Kimberly Olney
Historian Kathey Plenge
Hospitality Amy Moseley, Pat Elder
Newsletter Janet Castner
Christy Burton Mary Ann Cavness
Bettie Crawford Lynne Sonntag
Dr. Stevie Eller Diane Might
Betty Hayes Sandy Kennedy
Anne Kunkel Sandra Matteucci
Penny Papadopoulous Nancy Spetzler
Betty Van Denburgh