Current Members

2019-2020 Membership

ARCS Foundation Phoenix has distinguished members who provide individual scholar awards of $8,500 each to outstanding American graduate science and technology students attending Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona.  Phoenix Chapter members are passionate about providing financial rewards to talented Ph.D. candidates whose research expands the frontiers of scientific knowledge and solves complex problems facing society. Below is the roster of current members.

Diana Alexander

Frances Allen

Nancy Anixter

Ceda Austerman

Patty Berens

Nancy Berge

Jill Bray

Dr. Melanie Brewer

Carol Browner

Christine Burton

Janet Castner

Mary Ann Cavness

Carol Craig

Bettie Crawford

Elizabeth Crouch

Paulette Dalke

Irene Douglas

Patricia Elder

Dr. Stevie Eller

Ann Engle

Carolyn Evani

Dr. Lisa Wilkenson-Fannin

Judy Flowers

Lois Foulds

Sydney Fox

Dr. Sybil Francis

Sheila Grinell

Eileen Haga

Christine Hawes

Betty Hayes

Marilyn Hayes

Karen Hobbs

Marcia Jobe

Joan Jugloff

Elaine Karcher

Sandra Kennedy

Vianne Kucera

Anne Kunkel

Maxine Lakin

Jane Lawson

Judy LeMarr

Ruth Lippman

Anna Maria Matteucci

Sandra Matteucci

Diane Might

Beverly Miller

Andrea Moseley

Peg Moseley

Dr. Elizabeth Nofen

Penny Papadopoulos

Helen Pierson

Dr. Kathern Plenge

Adele Ponce

Sharon Ponce

Nancy Rink Elizabeth Rorbach Dr. Cynthia Sagers

Jennifer Sands

Sophann Schleifer

Dawn Carson Senger

Sandra Seward

Alexandra Shepard

Lynne Sonntag

Nancy Spetzler

Jocelyn Stoller

Kate Thompson

Patti Tucker

Betty Van Denburgh

Terry Wilhoit

Susan Woodrow Ellie Ziegler  




John Auran        

Dr. Rita Hartung Cheng

Dr. Sybil Francis 

Dr. Helen S. Schaefer

Barbara Tizard


Dorian Voorhees