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ARCS Phoenix Guest Speaker, Patty Berens, Discusses “Stress Management” Techniques

Posted on Monday, March 11, 2013

Patty Berens spoke to ARCS Phoenix on the topic of  “Learn to Unwind Before You Unravel”. Specifically, Patty discussed ideas and techniques to handle holiday stress before it ruins your holiday.  She held an interactive session in which audience members were asked to share what caused stress for them.  She then asked what they did to relieve stress.  Replies included music, exercise, meeting with friends, hobbies, solitude, and prayer.  Patty discussed these and the value of deep breathing, which included an audible exhaling sigh.  She noted that you can do this in your car while running errands or at work when you are feeling stressed.  

Patty, an ASU graduate, is a third generation Arizonan.  She has worked as a psychiatric consultant, specializing in stress management and burnout.  Patty currently serves as a Chaplain at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  Her husband, Dr. Michael Berens is a Deputy Director at T Gen. Submitted by Dr. Kathey Plenge, March 2013.

(Pictured left to right:  Patty Berens; Anna Maria Matteucci, Phoenix Chapter ARCS Light 2013; Eileen Haga, Phoenix Chapter President).