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ARCS Phoenix Scholar, Louis N. Shoettle V, One of only 2 ARCS Roche Foundation Scholars Invited to Participate in the Roche Symposium

Posted on Monday, May 16, 2016

Louis N. Shoettle V, ARCS ASU Scholar (2013-2016), pictured below was one of only 2 ARCS Roche Foundation Scholars to be invited to participate in the Roche Symposium, “Increasing Drug Development Success: Understanding Drug-Disease Interactions Through Quantitative  Pharmacology."  Louis is currently a fourth year Ph.D. student at Arizona State University.  Louis and his father accepted our ARCS Phoenix invitation to attend our board meeting at the home of Christy Burton on April 4th. An immunologist by trade, Louis is currently studying T cell receptors to fight against aging and disease. He invented technology using synthetic DNA structures to link the RNA with DNA and sequence them together. This project will be extended to fight cancer cells. Louis stated that the ARCS Foundation scholar awards have afforded him the opportunity to attend international conferences to learn more and to collaborate with others throughout the US and the world. “Being able to collaborate with others not only advances our own careers and opportunities, but it also helps to attract other students to ASU and to our State”, says Louis. This scholar has won 4 major awards in his field, among them the Graduate Excellence Award and Teacher of the year award at ASU.