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Arizona State University ARCS Scholar Is Published in Science

Posted on Sunday, September 17, 2017

Most scientists spend their entire career hoping to be published in the prestigious journal SCIENCE. 2017/2018 ARCS Scholar Christopher Gisriel has already accomplished that goal! He is first author on an article titled "Structure of a Symmetric Photosynthetic Reaction Center - Photosystem" that appeared in the July 27, 2017 edition of SCIENCE online. The research being done by Christopher, his professor Dr. Raimund Fromme and several other colleagues from the ASU School of Molecular Sciences has taken us a step closer to unlocking the secrets of photosynthesis, and possibly to cleaner fuels. Their discovery describes the structure of a reaction center (from a heliobacterium) which preserves the characteristics of the ancestral one, and so provides new insight into the evolution of photosynthesis.  

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 ARCS Scholar Christopher Gisriel published in the prestigious journal SCIENCE