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What our ARCS Phoenix Scholars Are Saying...

"The ARCS Scholar Award was the first outside funding I received in support of my graduate studies. In addition to the significant financial support, the ARCS Scholar Award provided me with fortitude to accept and tackle the challenges that lay ahead in my graduate research program. ARCS Foundation was the first to give me the feedback I needed to know that others thought my research was worthwhile."



Derek Caselli - ASU Wilhoit Scholar

Derek received his B.S. in Physics and his M.S. in Solid State Electronics from Arizona State University. His research study is to develop, design, fabricate and test a new type of high efficiency solar cell utilizing semiconductor alloy nanowires.  This new type of high efficiency solar cell could potentially offer a path to less expensive solar energy.

Marina Cholanian - UA Steele Foundation Scholar

Marina received her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Her research involves the investigation of neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying the control of human reproduction. Specifically, her interest lies in the role of a subpopulation of neurons, called neurokinin B (NKB), in regulation the appropriate hormonal release manifesting the onset of puberty and of menopause.